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Daily safety zone

Daily safety zone

Strengthen the ability to respond
to safety-related accidents in daily life

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Visitors should meet up at the orientation hall on the first floor before education begins.
Daily safety zone
Daily safety zone

The daily safety zone is available for an experience of fire-related safety, including fire extinguishers, daily safety, elevators, and descending lifelines.

  • Fire drill Fire drill
  • Fire extinguisher Fire extinguisher
  • Occupational safety Occupational safety
  • Elevator safety Elevator safety
  • Descending lifeline safety Descending lifeline safety
Daily safety zone Strengthen the ability to respond to safety-related accidents in daily life close

  • Number of people for experience

    15 people

  • Required time

    80 minutes

  • Eligibility

    Elementary, middle, and high school students

  • Reservation

    Book online

Experience and exhibition facilities Cyber exhibition
  • Fire safety

    Fire safety education, fire reporting experience, fire detector that saves life

  • Elevator safety

    Elevator safety education, experience of elevator accident

  • Fire extinguisher

    How to use fire extinguisher (hydrant), experience of lab fire fighting

  • Experience of daily safety (home)

    Living room, kitchen, bathroom

  • Experience of daily safety (outdoor)

    Camping safety rules, safe outdoor activities

  • Evacuation

    Experience of fire evacuation

  • Occupational safety

    Safe workplace, risk factors on roads, construction site safety

  • Descending lifeline

    Safety education for evacuation instruments, experience of descending lifeline, evacuation rescue team

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