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School/organization experience education

School/organization experience education

Area[Traffic safety] [Daily safety] [Outdoor safety] [emergency and Student safety]
Period2023. 3. 1. ~ 12. 31.(Monday-Friday)
objectElementary, middle and high school students in Gyeonggi-do
EligibilityElementary, middle, and high school students in Gyeonggi-do Number of participants Up to 15 per zone (max. 720 per day), at least one guiding teacher mandatorily required
Duration80 minutes (including orientation)
1st Monday-Friday 09:30 ~ 10:50
2st Monday-Friday 11:00 ~ 12:20
3st Monday-Friday 13:20 ~ 14:40
4st Monday-Friday 14:50 ~ 16:10
How to applyOnline reservation Link to how to apply
Application periodFirst day of each month, from 10:00 / first-come-first-served basis (see notice for changed hours and other details)
ContactEducation program / Online reservation (031-839-1482)
Education areas

Information for group education

Experience areas
  • Daily safety zone
    • Fire safety

      Fire safety education | Fire drill experience | Fire detectors that save lives

    • Fire extinguisher experience

      How to use fire extinguisher (hydrant) | experience of lab fire fighting

    • Daily safety (outdoor)

      Camping safety rules | safe outdoor activities

    • Occupational safety

      Safe workplace | risk factors on roads | construction site safety

    • Elevator safety

      Elevator safety education | experience of elevator accident

    • Daily safety (home)

      Living room safety | kitchen safety | bathroom safety

    • Evacuation experience

      Fire evacuation

    • Descending lifeline

      Safety education for evacuation instruments | experience of descending lifeline | evacuation rescue team

  • Traffic safety zone
    • Pedestrian safety

      Traffic safety education | pedestrian rules | crossing roads

    • Bus safety

      Bus safety education | emergency evacuation in case of bus accident

    • Car safety

      Car safety rules | car rollover experience | dos and don’ts in case of traffic accident

    • Subway safety

      Platform safety rules | subway car safety rules | evacuation in case of fire

    • Bicycle safety

      Bicycle safety education | safe biking (simulator video)

    • ship safety

      experience of ship tilt experience

  • Outdoor safety zone
    • Wind and flood damage

      Safety education against wind and flood damage | prevention of damage | experience of typhoon and strong wind

    • Earthquake

      Safety education against earthquake | earthquake at school | evacuation to the playing field | watch out for aftershocks

    • Vessel safety

      Cautions for vessel passengers | vessel safety education | evacuation in case of vessel accident | swimming safety education

    • Fine dust

      Fine dust as a silent killer | daily action plans against fine dust | fine dust quiz | attack of infectious diseases

    • Social safety

      Emergency response in case of alarms | CBR protective gear | survival backpack

  • Student safety zone
    • Sex education

      Birth of life | Sex for teenagers | Report distorted sex | My unique sex

    • Prevention of sexual violence

      Our safe neighborhood | moot court

    • Prevention of school bullying

      Play should be fun for all | onlooker to helpful defender | smartphone manners

    • Respect for life

      Facing stress | relieving stress

    • Peer camp

      With You (sexual violence) | Positive emoticon contest (bullying at school) |
      You are not alone (saving life) | Our valuable human rights

    • Prevention of addition

      Preliminary education for prevention of addiction | Indirect experience of drinking | Indirect experience of smoking

  • Future and emergency safety zone
    • Future safety

      Cyber safety experience in a future city (mobile VR)
      Virtual safety experience (VR)

    • Emergency safety

      4D image experience (for 110cm or taller) |
      CPR experience Respiratory obstruction | Heimlich maneuver | Daily first aid

How to book
Online reservation (

Reservation closed 7 days prior to the desired date, cancellation 2 weeks earlier

  • School/Teacher

  • Group experience

  • GPKI certificate
    (Membership not required)

  • Check for consent form
    (Safety control, portrait right)

  • Date/program

  • After application for group experience

  • Reservation approval message

How to book
  • School/group experience

    School/group experience is available only for faculty and staff in public and private elementary, middle, and high school students in Gyeonggi-do.

    For group experience, login with GPKI for NEIS and apply.

  • Individual/family experience

    Individual/family experience is available for elementary or higher students accompanied by guardians.

    Applicant (guardian) for family experience may apply after logging in with the user identification service.

    ※ Children should be accompanied by their guardians at all times, and preschoolers are not allowed due to safety concerns.

  • Staff Only

    Staff Only is the menu for the employees of Gyeonggi-do Office of Education Safety Education Institute.

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