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Safety experience education on site

Program information

  • The safety experience education on site is available for kindergarten students and lower graders in elementary schools.
  • This program finds students who have difficulty visiting the Safety Education Institute, helping them develop responsiveness and providing site-based educational support.
  • Period: 2023. 3. 2. ~ 11. 30.
  • Eligibility: first and second graders in elementary schools (including kindergartens attached to elementary schools)
  • Maximum participants: 150 per day
  • Hours: 9:10-11:50 (may vary depending on each school’s circumstances)

Operating hours

109:10 ~ 09:35 (25)1-1
  • The education hours may vary depending on the school’s schedule.
  • Education at kindergartens attached to elementary schools is organized between first and second graders.
  • Preparation: Inspection of facilities, time to organize supplies
  • For schools with interim playtime, such playtime will be used as a break.
  • Lunch time should be adjusted for schools with many students for training.
209:35 ~ 10:00 (25)1-2
310:00 ~ 10:25 (25)Kindergarten
Preparation10:25 ~ 10:35 (10)
410:35 ~ 11:00 (25)2-1
511:00 ~ 11:25 (25)2-2
611:25 ~ 11:50 (25)2-3

Method of safety experience education

  • Circular experience education with 4 students in a team (students on wait watch videos at the rear side of the vehicle)
  • Up to 12 students (3 teams) are allowed to enter the vehicle at the same time. It takes 25-30 minutes for a class (25 students)
  • How to apply: Announcement for application notices (Contact: Operations Team 031-839-1440, 1442, 1444)
  • Eligibility: Number (grade) – 80-150 persons (6-7 years old at kindergartens, and first and second graders in elementary schools)
    • Schools with a high number of students (150 or more) are advised to apply for a single grade.
    • Smaller schools may participate with 3-4 grades upon request (prior consultation required)
  • Sufficient space for entry and education at safety experience vehicle (space for three buses)
When the safety experience vehicle (45-seater) cannot enter:
  • Access road
    • Road narrower than 3 meters for a large vehicle with full length and full width
    • Farm road for schools in rural areas, alleys with small access road, narrow roads with a single lane
    • Roads with underpass lower than 4 meters
  • School entrance
    • Entry impossible if there are parking bars, fence or wide flower bed (or flower pots)
    • If the main entrance next to the road is blocked by safety fence
    • If the entrance is less than 3 meters wide or the vehicle cannot turn around (wheelbase: 6,900mm)

Photographs of the student safety experience vehicle and activities

  • Size of the experience vehicle
  • Extended experience vehicle (side)
  • Extended experience vehicle (rear)
Indoor experience
  • Seatbelt
  • Earthquake
  • Subway safety
  • Daily safety
  • Fire evaluation
Outdoor experience
  • Crosswalk
  • Outside visual-audio education
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