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Organization and staff

Organization and staff

  • Director
    • Operations Team
      Responsible for administration, finance, and facility management
      《Key tasks》
      • Establishment and reporting of key business plans
      • Organization, execution, and settlement of budget
      • Management of facilities, goods, and properties
      • Contracting, purchase, construction, and outsourcing
      • Management of the building and public officials in education
      • Operation of student safety experience vehicles
      • Website management
      • Data security and personal information protection
      • Management of the server room, machine room, and control room
    • Education Team
      Responsible for planning and education
      《Key tasks》
      • Establishment of basic plans for the institution’s operation
      • Establishment of mid- and long-term plans for all experience materials
      • Development and operation of exhibition and experience programs
      • Preparation of operation plans and manuals for education programs
      • Comprehensive management of lecturers and enhancement of their capacity
      • Exchange of domestic/overseas experience facilities and execution of business agreements
      • Safety management of education participants
Staff factsheet

(Unit: person)

Facility nameDirectorOperations TeamEducation TeamTotal
General lineProfessional
General line
IT positionTechnical positionDriving positionGeneral position(Term-based)
Grade 4Grade 5Grade 6 or lowerITIndustrialDrivingResearch officerResearcherSafety education lecturer
Quota (current number)1(1)1(1)3(3)1(1)1(1)1(1)1(1)2(2)12(12)23(23)
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